LVK music is the combination of avant-garde and mainstream music motivated by the goal of bringing musical fulfillment to the ears of sound lovers. LVK music has been launched by one of the founders of the lifestyle and artistic collective London Village Kids, formed in 2011. Since the beginning of their project, the members have been giving prominence to music along with building a strong community of DJ, producers and others music makers. in turn the label has arisen as evidence.


Born in Notting Hill, an indefinable neighborhood, consisting of historical rock studios to famous nightclubs, LVK Music is the result of this cultural and musical wealth. members are always on the lookout for new talents in any style, from house music to rock, underground to hip hop. LVK Music artists all identify with brilliance and eclecticism, in home-made and street style.


LVK Music act as a DJ agency/Music management service. We offer you our knowledge, network and expertise for your musical entertainment as well as accounting incentive for your DJ bookings.

Having a strong collective of DJs and Artists in our roster covering almost any style you need, our purpose is to help you create your musical identity, build your DJ organization and your accounting.