London based imprint Bordel Ensemble launched in 2015 by Lodee Gruv. Two EPs from the label's founder Lodee Gruv have been released in 2015 and 2016 and some are on their way.



First release from the London Based imprint BORDEL ENSEMBLE in 2015 with an EP from LODEE GRUV, alias of one of the label's founder (hand-stamped 180 gram vinyl 12" limited to 250 only copies).

Artwork by Peggy Gould.



Bordel 003 - Lodee Gruv

London Based imprint BORDEL ENSEMBLE (limited series only) is back after one year with yet another EP by LODEE GRUV.

On side A, Lodee Gruv Confirms once again his style with an atmospheric raw and floor friendly 8 minutes rhythm . On side B he takes it up a notch with 95% analog generated drums and baseline groove toped by a progression of 3 notes sample melody leading to an slightly emotional pattern. The second track of side B is a Lodee Gruv signature, deeper and tripier somehow with samples twicked into different elements backed up by a gimmick changing low end drums.

Definitely a journey into LODEE GRUV's mind and BORDEL ENSEMBLE spirit.